Low Riders.... With Drop Plates, you get a 1.25" drop.  Get ready to experience your lowest ride ever. Ride 3" off the ground!

​Put your idea on wheels! Select your shape, size and wood pattern. Also add engraving or graphics to YOUR board.

making quality wood boards since 2010

Ride in style with our solid wood longboards.  The only thing better than the way they look is how they ride.

handmade SOLID WOOD longboards, Skateboards,  SSUPs & Mini Croozers

​​​We put ​your idea on wheels!

​SHIP ANY BOARD ANY PLACE IN THE US FOR ONLY $10.  SSUP's only $10 more. LOWEST International Shipping.

CroozerBoards comes with the vision of resurrecting the “old school” wood skateboards. Each board is hand crafted to be sturdy, but light.  

​Throw out the plastic mini board and get a one of a kind Mini Croozer.  Mini Croozers are just the right size to throw in your backpack or briefcase.  

Surf on concrete with one of our Street Stand Up Paddle Boards.  Made with high quality solid woods. Pick the size that makes your ride.